sincerely, kryz

11th of April 2023

11th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

Many individuals enjoy eating watermelon, but few do it with the same fervor as my friend, Kryz. She sees watermelon more than just a simple snack; she sees it as her haven. It’s always fun to watch her enjoy a juicy piece of watermelon while giggling, and being around her and watermelon makes it hard not to smile.

When I see the fruit in the grocery store with its vivid green and red colours, I frequently find myself smiling while thinking about her because I know how much delight it offers her. 

It’s reassuring to have someone in my life who finds so much joy in the little things, like a juicy piece of watermelon, in a world that can be so serious and stressful. 

Kryz, here’s to your unswerving love to this delicious fruit — it’s captivating and adorable. 

Goodnight & Grace be upon you!



hebrews 11:16

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