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13th of April 2023

13th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

here i am again. hit with a writing block. haha. anyway, i hope all is well with you. these days i have been thinking about people. i know it is dangerous to base our feelings on other people’s validation.

subtly, sometimes we seem to please everyone because we used to like the idea of people complimenting us or simply having many friends. yet sometimes, too, we face the reality that we only have a few people to consider as part of our circle. the rest is just the ripple, maybe. some people are mere observers in our lives, and some do not care as much. if you find yourself in the position of asking for validation from people, try to cut it down. as a famous quote says, and i quote, “not everyone will like you. you are not chocolate.”

…well, chocolate is only liked by some as well.

goodnight & grace be upon you!



hebrews 11:16

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