sincerely, kryz

14th of April 2023

14th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

do you have some days where you cannot explain the rush in your heart that leads you to think about doing big things all at once? maybe that sort of makes you visualize the future, yet you are faced with the reality that you still have the ‘now’ that you have to fill in and be responsible for getting that ‘tomorrow’ you want.

a rush of desires? or maybe a cascading vision of tomorrow that you want to start now.

well, maybe this is because when we were still a child, we did have dreams we were so sure we could achieve one day. maybe in those moments that we feel the rush in our hearts, those are little moments of reminder that that dream or goal is still alive—breathing into reality.

whatever dreams you have there inside your heart, make it concrete. set it into reality NOW. take baby steps until you get there.

goodnight & grace be upon you!

do have a coffee.


hebrews 11:16

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