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15th of April 2023

15ht of April 2023


Dear Reader,

have you ever felt walking on the shallow part of the beach and eventually feeling like it is getting deep because you cannot see the clear sand below? terrifying, right?

i do not know about you, but if you feel afraid about the unknown, i want to tell you that you are not alone with such feelings. sometimes we truly get overwhelmed by the things we cannot see ahead of us; thus, we might feel scared. i remembered when paul told me about a story of the fog and the monster. he chronicled that often, monsters appear when there is a fog. it is because we cannot see the open; the presence of the mist tries to hide the things that lie there; thus, usually, the monster sprouts.

he leveled up that metaphor further when he said it usually occurs in our lives. we feel scared of the “monsters of the unknown.” why? because we are uncertain, such uncertainties cause us to be fogged with many worries. usually, this results in sadness, discomfort, and inability to enjoy life as it is now. these uncomfortable feelings are the monsters that scare us.

until that fog of worries is gone, so shall be the monsters that follow it.

sometimes in life, we need to clear those fogs in our minds and even in the external aspect of our lives, like who is connected with us and to whom we are looking, because maybe the reason why we are battling with those monsters because we tightly are holding with the fog that gripped us too.

just like the fog in the forest where we might mistaken that there are presence of monsters, and we might not be able to see the clear sand below when we walk the ocean of life, may we venture it with hope knowing the GOD of all grace is with us now and forevermore in the presence of HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST.

have a goodnight, dear soul.

grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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