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18th of April 2023

18th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

do you really know GOD?

or do you just know HIM from what others perceive HIM to be?

do you know GOD, or do you just “kinda” feel HIS presence from seeing a scene from a movie where they sang a christian song where the person in the scene was crying?

do you know GOD? or just know HIM because you feel the hype and emotions during a christian group playing in front of you?

do we know GOD? or are we just perceiving HIM through other people’s opinions, song, dreams, visions, or anything from other people about HIM? do we know GOD, or are we just getting comfortable with the mainstream or our culture about HIM? or are we having the knowledge of GOD by having the god of our minds because that is how we want to perceive HIM to be?

it is okay if we watch a christian movie and or listen to christian songs, but what i am trying to say is, do we know THE TRIUNE GOD of the BIBLE by reading the BIBLE? if not, then sorry, not sorry; we do not know HIM.

unless the christian movies you are watching and the christian group you are listening to, or the christian vloggers/influencers you are following do preach CHRIST crucified and the GOSPEL, and if they don’t sing songs that are theologically sound but empty words with emotional, self-centered driven lyrics, then you might want to take a step back and discern if you are following the narrow gate where CHRIST called you to carry your cross.

please, open your BIBLE and study it. watch apologetics videos on youtube that will help you understand your beliefs. we should not settle for blind faith. no wonder why there are so many people who are not convinced of our faith because when they ask us, we cannot present our side more than ‘just have faith.” again, faith is essential, but we should also be capable of giving them reasons why we believe what we believe. testimonies of our lives are good, but let us go beyond that. let us know some REAL reasons why we believe what we believe.

THERE is SO much evidence of our faith. there are plenty of ways to learn and gain knowledge that we can use in our spiritual lives and share with others. we have such a beautiful story of faith to tell more than telling them “Jesus loves you.” that is true, do not get me wrong, but let us step up and tell them what the real story is from the fall of creation and how wretched we are and that we need the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST.

in your quest of sharing this, you shall need supplementarity about your faith if they ask you regarding about the logic and pieces of evidence. that is why apologetics is brought up. it hurts me because some christians demonize intellectualism. i heard someone said when you are a pastor, you do not need to be intelligent. while a heart is needed in the ministry, i think it is vital to know what you are teaching in the pulpit because you are a shepherd to your congregation.

well, you might not be a pastor or a minister; you are maybe just ordinary christian like me, i encourage you to learn more about your faith. we have to know GOD. the GOD OF THE BIBLE. we have to run this race and fill ourselves with the knowledge of CHRIST. let us carry the torch of hope to the lost by learning for them.

the famous writer of the classics, ‘the chronicles of narnia’ is one of the best examples of christian apologists. he was once an atheist, but in his quest for reasons about faith, he became a christian. if you want to watch a documentary about him, watch it through the link below.

if you are interested in an online apologetics course, the c.s lewis institute offers videos you can watch and learn at your leisure. click the embedded link below.

i am going to go back to my question from the beginning. do we know GOD? if we want to know HIM deeply, let us ask for HIS help to guide us in knowing HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH.

have a goodnight & GOD BLESS YOU!

grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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