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20th of April 2023

20th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

hi. for the first time in a while, i went out to see lots of people. i tagged with my tatay and nanay, going to the municipal’s gymnasium to see a basketball game. i thought i could not make it through the final round because i usually got bored, but not tonight.

tonight, i was able to reminisce about when i was a basketball game fan. i was an avid fan of b-meg pba players before they became san mig coffee mixers. yes, the group where yap, pingris, and simon were in. it was a nostalgic moment tonight that those moments came back just by seeing a game. those days were i was carefree and that girl who wrote a song for the gilas pilipinas players. hahaha. those carefree days when i was free from the fangs of the real world, rude people, and hurting circumstances? maybe.

i might never get back those moments and lace them with my life; however, we are made to move forward and make the most of it. i realized that it takes only one memory from the past that will remind us of the beauty of childhood and how we can use those memories to patch it with the rudeness of our current world.

tonight, i was replenished and healed in some ways i do not know. of course, this is not about the no. 13 player who looks like pingris. hahaha. what i mean is the memory of watching basketball with my parents while cheering for our favorite players…and the game goes on.

i have realized there is so much more to focus on than our sadness. the world is wide.

have a good night.

grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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