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23rd of April 2023

23rd of April 2023


Dear Reader,

i watched a basketball game with my parents again at the municipal gymnasium tonight. i realized something. i think it is about something other than getting scores or how good you are at defending the ball in the game. i think it is also imperative to be careful of your actions because you will be called with a foul anytime. i mean, i was thinking, what if the game’s rule has not included fouls? well, one thing. it will be a messy game. who knows? there shall be boxing inside the court of a basketball game.

so, earlier, i realized that they should have a rule regarding fouls because there will be players who are not careful with their actions, mainly because their adrenaline already drives them to run, defend, and shoot. more often than not, they do not care whom they will bump into or actions like that, so long they can deliver some points.

i am glad there is a rule in the game about calling someone if they do an act of, let us say, way too physical, because unless they won’t, the players will just do whatever they want there inside the court and not think about being extra careful not to hurt anyone in hopes for points.

there is a law inside the game that helps everyone not be driven by entropy. i think that is beautiful.

in life, we should be aware of those little rules we have to follow to live accordingly, whether in big or small things we face in life. this shall help us to be a little respectful of other people’s rights.

that’s all.

goodnight, reader.

grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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