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26th of April 2023

26th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

many times, we try to be happy and do things intentionally. many times we tried to be idealistic and make things organized so that we would be clear about things to do and save our time just to predict what would happen. we see that all is well for us to feel all is well.

in pursuing such desire, we often find ourselves joking with ourselves. we know we cannot always be pleased, even how much we plan to make it work. we are setting coffee time before work. changing our study place for us to study well. being intentional in the morning to wake up early, but all of it sometimes does not go the way we want. the catch? we become frustrated. we cannot just fight entropy, but we can ride on it.

i realized that we do not always need to be happy to make us feel better. we should be resilient instead. for in resiliency, we find ourselves joyful despite the awful feeling we might meet when things do not go our way or what we desire.

let us cultivate the attitude of being gritty, for in this, we can see a new and fresh perspective towards a joyful driven life without trying to make things perfect but venturing into the circumstance with the acknowledgment that today might not be the way i wanted it to be, but still, i am seeing it in different lenses as to how i can jump off from these awful feelings of frustrations.

have an early goodnight.

grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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