sincerely, kryz

27th of April 2023

27th of April 2023


Dear Readers,

what are the things you do if you are alone?

i was able to generate this question when a thought came in about things like, would i still do beautiful things even if no one sees them? i mean, it is a human default that in doing good or beautiful things, there should be people in view to feel validated and, of course, seen. this is okay as long as the intention behind it is good, but if it is for selfish gain, you are losing. you are joking yourself.

i think the most beautiful things are the ones we do not show off. we treasure it so much we do not want it to showcase for public applause. we are just happy settling it in us. in that way, we can cultivate a ray of contentment and joy, excluding other people’s opinions, comments, and validation.

what are the things you are about to do now? does it need to be shared with people? if it is not necessary, then do it secretly. for in that way, beautiful things often are flourished.

have an early goodnight!

grace be upon you, little soul.



hebrews 11:16

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