sincerely, kryz

29th of April 2023

29th of April 2023


Dear Reader,

i am writing now as if no one is reading. imagining like that makes it more treasurable and, perhaps, sentimental. however, someday, somewhere, somehow, someone shall read these words.

i hope you will be the person who wants to lift others more than drag them down. i hope if you find someone who is helpless, you will have the courage to help them in ways you can. i hope you will never be the start of gossip and issues you know you are unsure about and can tear down someone. i hope you will become the person who will fight for someone who is belittled and scarce with justice, and no, you do not need to be a lawyer for this; you just need to see things through and help those who are not given the liberty they should be having.

i hope you will grow kind and gentle. to speak words of affirmation with the right amount of brutality of truth. i hope you will become a man and woman of faith. i hope you will become someone who does not think that the world revolves around them but knows that that is not the case and that the spotlight always belongs to other people more than them. i hope you will be humble enough to step down when it is time to and go up when the time says so.

more than anything else, i hope you will always have the heart to listen and understand. to go through people’s burdens and help them solve them. all of this being said, i just hope you will be kind with no underlying intentions. i hope you will grow genuinely kind. for in a world filled with unkind people, stormy seas, and rocky roads, having someone kind makes it a little bit easier. trust this little magic hidden in kindness. it is a ripple that someday shall come back to you.

have a gentle night, little soul.

as always, grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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