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1st of May 2023

1st of May 2023


finally, we are here in this new month.

i love how the fresh air of May brushes the leaves in the meadows. how the pleasant blue sky with its cottony clouds appears so gentle. last night if i am not forgotten, it rained hard, but it seemed very short. too bad, the beauty of rain in May is such a calming sound to the ears.

well, maybe soon, it shall rain again.

i remember anne from the book, ‘anne of green gables’, once said about hope. she said that no one should take somebody’s hope. that is what i like about hope. it leaves someone this invisible assurance to have faith in something they know one sweet day shall come.

whatever it is, just like the rain of may that i am hoping to pour down again, may your hopes fly along with your heart. one lovely day, i hope it shall appear to you in ways you never expected it to be.

have a gentle and sound night, little soul.

grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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