sincerely, kryz

2nd of May 2023

2nd of May 2023


Dear Reader,

did i tell you last night about the rain in May and my hopes that it shall return? well, it does. it is here now. you can interpret this in a metaphor way. it is calming and fresh—just enough compensation from the heat of today’s sunlight.

see? i think the things we hope shall come back to us pretty softly. whether we notice it or not, it does, and it will.

i just love the rain in May. it gives this beautiful feeling of wonders in life, and simply by just being alive, it cascades gratefulness i cannot even put into words as of now.

also, life is REALLY beautiful, so go and make your day count.

have a wonderful evening, little soul.

grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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