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8th of May 2023

8th of May 2023


Dear Reader,

Ever heard of the story about How GOD gave mercy to Nineveh?

He used the prophet Jonah to proclaim the message of repentance and forgiveness and he- the prophet, hated it in all his being. Why? Simply because the Assyrians, people of Nineveh, were the ones who tortured and killed the fellowmen of Jonah. They abused their women and took all the resources that the Jonah and his people had.

He didn’t want the Assyrians to be saved. He wanted them to be punished. But God, because of HIS great love and mercy, HE chose to save the people of Nineveh instead. Does it mean that GOD is not righteous and just?

No. If we stopped our reading in the book of Jonah, you might come up with that conclusion; that GOD isn’t just. A hundred and fifty years later, GOD sent the prophet Nahum to the same people. To the Assyrians. Did Nahum proclaim the same message as with the prophet Jonah? No. He proclaim the wrath of GOD and HIS judgment upon their wicked ways. Here’s the obvious lesson behind these two books; GOD will do what HE wills to do on the time that HE wills it to.

Don’t get it wrong. If GOD were to punish all evil and all wickedness, HE will start with me first. Or maybe even you. It is because of HIS Grace and Mercy that we are still alive today. And it is only because of the righteousness of HIS Son, Christ JESUS, that we are justified and made righteous in HIS sight.

Also, all the evil that you see happening today, GOD isn’t tolerating it. HE is simply patient, waiting for people to come into repentance. But someday, as the evil continues, GOD will impose HIS will upon all wickedness and I’m pretty sure that mankind will not like it.

Have a goodnight rest, knowing that you are justified and made righteous by Christ.

Grace be upon you!



hebrews 11:16

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