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9th of May 2023

9th of May 2023


Dear Reader,

I think it is essential to redefine success. For most people, success is winning a sport, graduating college with Latin honors, and maybe getting a high paid job. The success we know has something to do with grandeur things and perhaps where people can say something like “we’re proud of you.”

Today, I convinced myself that while those might be the “success” our society connotes, I must step down and redefine it myself. I woke up earlier hearing my mom saying we ran out of LPG cooking gas. Without hesitation, I decided to call my tatay and say we must buy immediately because someone in the house might need it for the day. Buying some house stuff was not my thing before, but I was always concerned about house stuff when I got my first 3/4 time job (thanks, ate cidz!).

When Tatay bought the LPG cooking gas inside the house, knowing it was my money (from hard work), I couldn’t stop thinking about it as my “success” story. It feels so good having to provide something for the family who have taken good care of me since I was young. Of course, this is just an LPG cooking gas story, but as simple as that, I am delighted that they do not need to spend their money on it because I already bought them one. Of course no one is going to say, “congrats, you finally bought Gasul today!”. lol. But it is really descent for me to finally bought it.

Another little bonus today, a motorcycle was bought for my little brother. I am lowkey saying I decided to have such an installment to see something from my salary every month. Still, I know deep inside me I want my little brother to have it so that there’s something he can use when he goes to school, and of course, for my parents to use it when they need it one of these days.

These are pretty mundane, I know, but the way I see success now, I think I have succeeded with my own little goals.

No matter how you define success, always ensure your family and loved ones will be happy of the things you are blessed with.”

Have a good night.
Grace be upon you.

Finally, I was able to write again.



i also paid our water bill. hahahhaa. huhu.

hebrews 11:16

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