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10th of May 2023

10th of May 2023


Dear Reader,

I love life.

How about you?

I love how a morning can be so beautiful, especially when the sun is not yet rising. I mean, when it is about to! The silence of the world, where one can see the silhouette of a mountain in the distance. The sparrows above. The dew on the leaves.

I love how a day can start with brewing coffee, and for some, it might be a prayer or playing a worship song. Whatever ways you start your day, I hope you won’t begin the day by looking at notifications on your phone. I hope we will have wisdom on separating our virtual lives from the reality that every day brings. May we see the truth set before us when dawn comes and until its rise shall shine forth in the morning.

Mornings are important. Same as how you end the day. So tonight, let us end it with a grateful heart and start the morning tomorrow with the same thing.

Have a blessed night.

Grace be upon you!


hebrews 11:16

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