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12th of May 2023

12th of May 2023


Dear Reader,

“Praying that your pain will conform you to the image of CHRIST that even at your most challenging season you will Glorify Him.”


These are the very words told to me by my friend once. To some, when they suffer, they would always jump into saying, “so that you can be of help to someone who’s gonna suffer the same thing one day,” while this may be true, I think the primary thought for us to have when we suffer is to see it in HIS lense. How? to see our struggle and pain to conform us in the image of CHRIST, for HIS glory, not our own.

May all that we do point to the glory of GOD. Even if it means we have to go through troubling times.

Have a good night!

Grace be upon you.

Have a happy weekend.


hebrews 11:16

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