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9th of July 2023

9th of July 2023

Dear Reader,

“There are smaller battles that we can win, within our hearts.”- Little Women.

How many times do we feel afraid or absurd due to the thought of battling? We have been taught that battles are enormous and happen on a battlefield. It has been known to involve an extensive scheme of things, people, and even authorities. But honestly, those classical battles from past stories and even those great wars we have known are not just the battles we should be taught because there are battles every single day that we face, and we should be aware of them to fight them well.

It might be embarrassing moments from the past that you badly want to forget about, but it just flashes into your mind. Or some random moments where the memory of betrayal and hurt played in your mind. Or fear waking up tomorrow and not making it as useful as you wish. A battle against habits you want to cut off but linger entirely. A conflict of evil and good. I don’t know, but I am sure you are battling with it right here, right now.


Dear soldier, take it easy. We can win real battles without trying so hard to beat them. Sometimes surrender is the best thing to do for now. Once you get the strength you need, fight again—this time, with a heart and faith, FAITH knowing every strength and self-will is laced by HIS PROVIDENCE.

Please survive.

Good night, and may HIS grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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