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12th of July 2023

12th of July 2023


Dear Reader,

It was still early in the morning when I almost wanted to sip my coffee when Jun-jun, one of our SPES beneficiaries in the office, stood before me and started chronicling his life. He would joyously sway his hands from left to right and share with me his experience during the pandemic, on how he managed to work in a tailoring shop while having an online class.

He keeps on saying that experience is the best teacher. He would explain that learning from other people’s experiences is less than experiencing them yourself. He said he was guilty and, at the same time, thankful for his experience where he did not get paid the compensation he deserved for his work and all other misfortune and hardships he used to go through. He shared how he values every penny he earned because he realized that’s how his parents feel.

He shared a lot, though. The sudden talk was a catharsis for me. One thing I could not forget from all his wisdom is when he said we can alter all we want from people’s opinions of us. Like we can continue doing our thing without the negative say of other people, and we should never let other people’s views even matter to us. He shared that through thick and thin, our family is the only person who will stay with us, regardless.

How the world treats us can be surreal, but it is our choice to let it sink and drown us. The option is ours.

As I finished my cup of coffee that morning, the huge smile of Junjun stuck in my mind like a coffee stain.

Have a good night!
Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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