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life as of now, and entropy.

6th of September 2023



The second law of thermodynamics.

Entropy is a thermodynamic parameter that signifies the incapacity of a system’s thermal energy to be transformed into mechanical work, frequently understood as the level of chaos or unpredictability within the system. Randomness.

I remember a friend told me that in the realm of physics, our life, in general, is a matter of entropy. Your journal you hold dear will one day get lost or ripped up. Your friends might move away from you and meet new ones. Entropy is, simply put, a measure of disorder. Ice melting. Boiling water for a coffee. Sugar dissolving. Entropy. They are dispersing in disorder. I remembered someone quoted from the book I read, which I cannot remember the name of (thanks to entropy! lol), that entropy continues to rig life into a fall, but when they do, it always falls into place.

So it is more like saying regardless of the randomness of the things happening in our lives, they end up constantly in the right place. Elon Musk also said, “We should always remember that entropy is not always on our side.” That is true. Thus, the theory of randomness.

I only held this theory true this year. Precisely when the second year of grad school starts. I always thought that work-life balance is achievable, and true it is, BUT it is extra tiring. Including your academic journey, your multiple jobs, and relationships, how about your arts and music? spiritual growth? See, there are many things going on daily, and more often than not, I always see myself looking at the ceiling of my room and seeing all these things and responsibilities float like how I used to imagine entropy.

They are slowly drifting away, not as if they will be gone, but as they drift away, they are becoming huge for me. It’s a little too near not to handle. Overwhelming, it seems as though despite that these are intact opportunities, they will always come to a point where they will be broken into pieces. It is difficult for the time being to put them all together again, but to disperse in disorder.

From the classic usage of it in mechanical engineering, let us delve deeper into the human concept of it. I heard another concept about psychological entropy, which can be used as a benchmark and a good metaphor from the raw theory. The gist of the article (I will link the article below) is that we can manage entropy. When our brain is wired to worry, doubts, and other mental burdens, it will be more likely to disperse into overthinking. The article also mentioned that most of the psychosis we hear now is because one cannot hold back the psychological entropy in an organization.

This means the ability to do mental mapping is less strong than psychologists encourage. Once they are faced with challenges, the ability to outwit the struggle is low because they need to be used to managing such entropy. There is no one-night cure for such dispersion as entropy is inevitable. Do you know how the article addresses it? To accept that there is an entropy. In pursuit of a growth mindset.

To be gritty enough to encourage ourselves that no matter what happens tomorrow, and regardless of its randomness, I will be ready for it and accept the changes with hope that it might not always be the thing that we want or it might be the thing that we want, we are always able to see it as an opportunity to grow.

I do not know how entropy is doing in your life. I made such a wrong decision in picking my hair color, and my eyelashes were slightly burned due to some medicines for perming. I was talking about entropy. It’s likely different from what I want, but it happens. But as the sun continues to shine and the moon keeps on luminating, so do my hair and eyelashes continue to get well over time.

I am talking more than the hair color and burned lashes here. haha

Although I am a huge entropy fan, I believe GOD is sovereign. Although everything is random and dispersing, I think HIS DIVINE PROVIDENCE allows every molecule and atom into motion. It gives me hope and comfort knowing these laws are subject to HIM.

Have a good night.

grace be upon you.

Writing again on this blog took me a while to fight such strong entropy. Thank GOD.



hi. here is the article i have read.

hebrews 11:16

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