Do you know why I love collecting snow globes?


They are a sort of validation.

Once, a friend told me always to grab a snow globe when overwhelmed. The moment you peel your eyes on its tiny glitters floating all over its radius, remind yourself that those are your thoughts. Those thoughts that overwhelm you. Notice they are just hovering all over it, but notice that eventually, they fall at the end, staying in place from where they are initially placed. No matter how chaotic your mind space sometimes, you know at the end, you will always be at a state of peace.

Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed, loom at a snow globe, and until its glitters fall in peace, tap yourself and say, “You are calm. You are fine. It’s fine now.”

Snow globes have always been validating.

Have a good night, little soul!

Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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