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some contemplations at camiguin

Usually, when we visit places away from home, our instant thought will be for the reason of unwinding and stuff like that. Well, the day before the Camiguin island escapade, my nanay gave me this simple invite because she said I should take a break. I was adjusting to my new work, which I can attest to the two consecutive times the week of having a fever, by which the day before the Camiguin Island escapade, I was scolded by Nanay for not being healthy. hahhaa. So, I shot it and went there with a runny nose.

I am supposed to bring my laptop because I want to work on Friday (saying, sayang naman ang one day pay), but she told me to not work because some internet connection on the island is inconsistent.) I cannot believe that while traveling, I feel this guilt of not being able to work just because I find it forfeiting to earn some dollars over an island escapade. I cannot believe I also came to the point of feeling this way. To be guilty of getting rest?

Gash, that should be a last resort for me to do. But things happen; maybe along the way, I was pressured by the fast-paced world, too. Not just that, on the travel, I bring with me some pieces of baggage that should have been burned down a long time ago. I keep contemplating some things, asking the “whys,” which I just resolved by logical reasons I could think of. But most of the time, I just talk to GOD about my feelings, telling HIM how unkind some people can be and asking HIM to take care of the matter for me, for HIS Name’s sake.


The land travel took us more than 5 hours until we reached the port, and it finally took a barge less than an hour to reach the island. I have to be honest that the ambiance was good since we arrived there kinda of gloomy weather. We went straight to Mantigue Island, where we saw a good picturesque stratovolcano called Mt Hibok-Hibok, an active volcano in the country and is said to be known as part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Its last eruption was in July 1953. It was a good sight, tho. You have the beauty of the ocean, and its backdrop is the vast volcano. The island was quiet, only filled with laughter, when we finally arrived there.

mantigue island

Sir Ian, who was also one of the people I was with during our Bukidnoon Mountain Escapade, was there, too, since Nanay’s colleagues were the people I tagged along with. I find it fulfilling to be observing other people’s activities while I was trying to sink in the beauty of the ocean; thus, I saw some noticeable scenes I found interesting like Sir Ian taking a video of himself while sitting on the camping chair he bought, and trying to look so distant. Funny that Ate Joy intervened in his solace by teasing him so I guess he continued being emotional on his scenes despite that. Hahaha. That was a good metaphor of not getting disturbed with the things you yourself have to enjoy with!


We also ventured to Tuasan Falls. It was cold there, but I did give the water a shot. It was refreshing. I found it beautiful, thinking it was in the middle of an island, which really did the trick in my heart to see it incredible. Lol.

tuasan falls

Next was the cold spring, which I did not really take time to enjoy because it was literally ‘cold,’ but the water was mesmerizing, and it gave me comfort. I want to fast forward to our trip to the Naked Island. I promise it was one of the terrifying moments of my life. The waves were huge, and I thought the boat we were using would drown. I am not a fan of Bethel Music anymore, but at that moment, my once favorite song, ‘You Make Me Brave,‘ was sung by my scared heart. HAHAHHA. Look what an association can do.

going to naked island

The island was surreal. It was so pure. There are different color palettes of blues. I saw a flock of seagulls, and they were majestic. I saw some up close, but they flew away when people noticed them.

I tried to sink in everything I saw, but my brain was just a small device to hold all the beauty. One thing is for sure: the island was beautiful, and it does not change whether we like it. Island always reminds me that the world is vast, and somewhere, there are places that are so pure and beautiful for us to be reminded that the world’s cares cannot outweigh the majesty and mystery it holds.

Going back home, I still think of some baggage somehow, but I was able to think straight at that time. The streetlights along the way and the cold breeze perfectly match my night contemplation. I enjoyed the two-day vacation and am glad I did not think about work or what. I am so happy I enjoyed it more than trying to think about things that do not matter really in the huge lenses.

See, the island has a way of healing people. It gives them this soft tap in the back of subtly saying, “Do not let other people or situations rent in your mind for free. There is a whole other world out there.”

Indeed, as the pun of the island’s name says, I shall ‘come again,’ Camiguin.




Do not ever feel guilty about taking a vacation or rest. It does suffice all of the riches in the world.

naked island (trying to glimpse at a volcano)
naked island (waiting for some seagulls to flock)
tuasan falls

sunken cemetery: a historical landmark of camiguin island (once a cemetery, but a volcano erupted, making the whole place in a mess. since bones could not be located, they put this huge cross as sort of a mass grave place.)

hebrews 11:16

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