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Hello! How are you? It’s Kryz just dropping by. 🙂

Hmmm.. I think it is essential to slow down when things get overwhelmingly fast. Have you ever been in this feeling? If so, take these tips to slow down when things push you to rush.


Although this is our body’s natural response to living, sometimes we forget to ‘breathe’ deliberately. Sometimes, we need to pause and notice our breathing pattern. How we inhale and exhale. This somehow keeps us grounded when we feel overwhelmed at times. The next time you face uncertainties that break your mood, breathe deliberately. Breathe deeply until you find yourself in a calm state. Also it has been proven in a study of course. When you experience stress or anxiety, your brain releases cortisol, which is commonly referred to as the “stress hormone.” Engaging in deep breathing can lead to a reduction in your heart rate, an increase in the oxygen supply to your bloodstream, and, in turn, signal the brain to promote relaxation. Deep breathing also elevates the production of endorphins, the “feel-good” neurotransmitters (Watkins, n.d).


Walk and be with Nature.
Except for seeing beautiful birds flying above when you go outside, walking is also a wonderful thing because it moves our body and is one way of exercise. This calms us as we find ourselves with different views outdoors that we often overlook. This helps us find beauty in the mundane and will probably allow us to be different when we return home. Who knows, right? To make point about this, experimental results demonstrate the remarkable capacity of nature to facilitate healing, as even brief exposure to greenery can rejuvenate a fatigued mind. As an illustration, Australian scientists conducted a study in which they tasked students with a monotonous and mentally draining activity: pressing a computer key in response to specific numbers appearing on a screen. Those students who took a 40-second break to gaze at a flourishing green rooftop during the task made notably fewer errors compared to their counterparts who took a 40-second break to observe a concrete rooftop (Lee, Williams, Sargent, Williams, & Johnson, 2015).


Watch your favorite cartoon or movie.

I love Christmas classic cartoons from the 1960s or ’90s. These old movies allow me to relax and see the simplicity of their animation, theme, and music score. I do not know, but its old theme makes me calm. I am a fan of nostalgia, but I have not seen this movie before since it came before I was born. Its Christmas spirit lingers like I have seen it before, and returning to it feels like home. Watch something that comforts you. Movies that do not require too much cognitive use feed you with fun, calmness, and joy. Meanwhile, some scientists also talked about this. Did you know that watching movies provides you with a mental respite. When you indulge in a film, your mind takes a break from its ongoing activities, even if only for a short period. This break allows your brain to disconnect and recharge. Whether you turn on the TV or step into a cinema, you are instantly transported to a different time, place, or even an entirely different world, be it another state, country, or galaxy. As you become engrossed in this alternate reality, your attention becomes firmly fixed on the present moment, and your worries temporarily fade into the background. Movies offer a form of mental diversion, which, when used appropriately, can serve as a beneficial and adaptive coping mechanism (Hampton, 2018).


This never gets old. You can have tea or milk if you are not a fan of coffee. Do you know why coffee should be taken in a timely manner? Because coffee should be drunk slowly, this is a good partner whenever we talk to someone. Or even simply just taking it ourselves. It should not be drunk in a rush since its purpose is for us to savor each moment with its aroma and warmth savor. No wonder morning coffee is essential since this is a preparation for us to start our day. Moreover, coffee possesses significant antioxidant properties. Studies indicate that individuals experiencing low mood and depression tend to have elevated levels of oxidative stress in their bodies compared to those with better mental health. More specifically, depressed individuals were found to consume fewer foods rich in antioxidants, including coffee. Coffee stands out as an abundant source of antioxidants and, in fact, ranks as the primary source of antioxidants in the Western world today. Experts attribute coffee’s substantial antioxidant content to its capacity to function as an efficient mood enhancer (Artisan Coffee, n.d).

Moving from all these scientific reasons, coffee, in simple terms, reminds us to sit for a while and drink it slowly…because after the last sip, we will face new realities outside. As we face it, it should remind us again and again to take things slowly, like breathing deliberately, walking outside and being with nature, watching our old fave movies, and drinking our coffee, of course.


The world is NOT going to leave us if we take things slowly. So, may you take everything in front of you so that you are self-aware, mindful, and yes, take things slowly, little soul; you are doing just fine.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month. 🙂





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  • Mary Jones Manunuan

    Thank you for this reminders, BD! This will really help me specially in this times where I’m facing a lot of pressure not just at home or at work, but at the thought of not having the job I’m supposed to have after taking oath. But I believe Him and His plans. I know He is now just preparing me for the “BIGGER THINGS” that is yet to come. So, all I have to do is to take things, SLOWLY. 🤍

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