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When your mind rests, the world also rests.

– Haemin Sunim (The Things You Can See Only when You Slow Down.)


Many people buy the idea of a hustle-bustle world. It has been made as a culture — a part of our daily lives. Working hard every single day would mean you can provide food on the table to buy plane tickets for a desired travel. While hustle culture is influential in any way to generate money, this comes with a cost.

That cost is our mental health, and at times, our physical body’s aspect. I know few people who worked so hard in their lives and then they have plenty of money, but seeing their lifestyle, time, sleep schedule, and social life makes me say I don’t want to be like that. Before, I admired these people since it can be considered if you are financially well off, you are already successful. Still, when I notice those behind the scenes from their highlight reels, I swear to myself, “Bahala na hindi ganun ka yaman, basta I am holistically well, and I can attend to my family and friends’ care.” In short, I just want to feel sane over those ever-circulating approaches to work in life.

It made me realize if we are too busy doing lots of things in pursuit of money, we tragically lose the moments in life that are special and cannot be taken back by money nor redeemed by time. Once it is over, it is over. When we are extra busy with many things, we look at our computer screen only to find out that the sun already set. Do not get me wrong, working and working with intentionality and purpose are two different things. Working without knowing your goal is so dry that you only wait for the ‘time out.’ Working with intentionality and purpose makes one person happy with his work. Before he knows it’s the ‘time out,’ he enjoys it. So it is crucial to enjoy your work to lessen your tiredness.

I have been reading the book “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” by the author, Haemin Sunim. I like how he emphasizes the importance of being mindful of the things you do, and to slow down in this busy world. He shared that we can notice many beautiful things ONLY when we slow down in this busy world.

So, while the hustle culture is renowned in this generation, I have chosen to lie low for now. I learned that doing things in pursuit of money is a rabbit hole not worth taking the risk for. Since this is only in this blog, I will share a few of my secrets, which now are not secrets anymore. But for you, dear reader, I will share. I was caught up with this hustle-bustle life since I wanted to accelerate my life at 23. I was offered five jobs. That would mean in a day, there are five different jobs I will do. One is in a face-to-face set-up corporate job, and the four others are work-from-home jobs.

I was SO into it since that can help me generate money fast. I tried it for less than two weeks; eventually, I woke up only to work. I’m not too fond of that feeling. I took the courage to cut the three jobs and left me with one full-time and one flexi (part-time). Now, these two jobs still make me tired sometimes, but this time, I am trying my best not to fall into the rabbit hole of working so hard, considering many reasons why and why not. I am glad I did not ruin myself by buying into so many job offerings that can POTENTIALLY spark insanity in me (Entering Graduate School while Working five jobs will lead me to my deathbed easily. lol).

I am here to say that hustle culture is not something really to be proud of, ESPECIALLY if it costs your health and even life. It is okay to hustle, but only if you are compensated and it won’t affect you significantly. Simply put, if you SLOW DOWN when it is pretty overwhelming and do nothing for a while, that’s a pretty good way to balance things out.

I hope you had a good weekend! Let us hustle with a heart and a purpose. <3

Grace be upon you.


hebrews 11:16

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  • Francis Ann Tison

    ‘m always amazed how simple and innocent your thoughts are ….. so pure and true…
    keep going BD
    stay as thoughtful as you are

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