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that christmas eve.

Approaching the holidays can be pretty overwhelming. There’s always this part of us that wants to make everything perfect. From the preparation of gifts to cooking food and even the yearly tradition of Christmas Eve — deep inside us, we want it to be seamless and nearly perfect.

As I was contemplating what happened yesterday, I can say it’s the simplest yet most heartfelt for me. It was gone before my eyes before I could see its value.

Paul & I went to a city church. After the service, we went straight to the nearest cafe for lunch. One of the employees greeted us with a warm smile, saying, “Merry Christmas.” At that time, I realized it was Christmas Eve. My joy lightens up inside me as that thought lingers. It’s finally the day before Christmas. And I love the day before the celebration because the anticipation gives me much more cheer than the actual celebration. The joyful feeling of Niko’s brew brought a familiar scene to me. I wrote about it once in random stories or snippets in my journal. I have read it from some books or watched it in a movie scene. Whatever it is, I am sure it came to mind once, for I have always desired it. We both sat at a comfortable table facing a few people enjoying their lunch. White Christmas socks were in the store windows, and some minimal Christmas ornaments were hanging. The subtle Christmas song was heard all over the cafe and beautifully matched the gloomy mood outside.

In frame: Paul Keith eating his lunch at Niko’s Brew, Kidapawan City.

After lunch, we went to the mall to buy gifts for our friends and my family. I had never experienced the Christmas rush the same as that day. I have been preparing my gifts since November, but the Christmas rush still happened to me unexpectedly. We walked back and forth as we navigated some things to wrap for some people. It was tiring, but the joy of being able to give to some people has always been something that makes me happy.

Paul as Santa Claus. // Home
His ‘inaanak’ is so lucky! Yap, that is his Christmas gift. He tried it before giving as he inserted batteries. Hmmmm. He is enjoying it too. How much more the kid?
Herbilla Family on 2023 Christmas Eve

When we arrived in our little town, we prepared ourselves for the family’s Christmas Eve celebration. I won’t put details, but it sure did go simple & well.

I hope your Christmas season is going well.

Take care & always be gentle with yourself.



hebrews 11:16

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  • Dora the explorer

    Love love dang!!! I can’t explqin my fewling while reading! Kiligin ba ko or indi hahaha

    Bottomline – NAMIAN KO hahaha , simple yet edible hahahahahhahahaha

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