sincerely, kryz

happy new year.

What makes you afraid?

Probably, uncertainties can make one afraid. We might never know what tomorrow brings, but we must carry a torch of hope within us. The antidote to this feeling is to have something that we cling to. As Christians, we should be reminded that we have Someone Who holds our tomorrows. It is the right thing for us to adhere to GOD even more. Let us be closer to the Triune GOD more than ever. Let us make it a habit to wake up daily without phone usage until we can read the Bible. We can also listen to theologically rich songs or hymns as ways to worship and adore HIM. We may always remember to fellowship with the LORD through prayer. To pray is to breathe.

Whatever you do, see to it you are doing it to the glory of GOD through CHRIST. Let us live in ‘Coram Deo’ — a Latin phrase that means “in the presence of God.” I hope we live our lives, in Coram Deo, in the presence of GOD, under GOD’s authority, for GOD’s glory — always in all ways.

With this hope, we won’t go ahead feeling afraid anymore.

Happy New Year. May HIS Grace be upon you!



In frame: My family. (from left) Sean, Tatay, Nanay & Kryz
Nanay & Kryz
Sean, Nanay & Kryz
Paul & Kryz


Go out more often. I mean, do walking & keep moving. Do not isolate yourself. Take good care of your mental health more than ever. Stay sane & kind!

hebrews 11:16

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