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Have you noticed that, eventually, as we use social media, we become less and less connected with real people in pursuit of a genuine connection? In hopes that we can connect with people or what we call “friends” in the said realm, we have them become invisible in our interactions. I mean, Facebook used to be this interactive way of reaching out to people and letting them interact with us.

However, most users now are JUST there for their life’s updates or for some, it has been used for negatively observing one’s life. We are not, in a way helping to build a community. We comment less and less with real-time friends about their status or miss the chance to compliment someone on their updated profile picture. I mean, none of us are obligated to do it. Still, if you do really care and love the person you are seeing in your news feed, I think it is not difficult for us to leave something there for them to know that we are still seeing them and that we love them and we notice them even in that most straightforward act.

Of course, we do not have to do this all the time but believe me, when most of our FB friends or other social mutuals friends, it is pretty important for them. Or at least a way of saying, “hey, i am still here.” We know that that’s a slice of their real life, but our response to them will somehow resonate with how they, even in the virtual realm, mean to us.

Socmed world is a sad world; our world is indeed already a messed up and sad world too, but a simple act of kindness of letting them know how we feel about them will change that dark part of it & who knows, might ripple to a genuine connection which fosters healthy community amongst people both in the virtual world & outside the screen.

Have a productive week ahead, you guys!

Grace be upon you.



hebrews 11:16

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