sincerely, kryz

that life.

Perhaps we are longing for something beyond what meets the eye.

Maybe it is some kind of nostalgia in reverse. A longing for something that hasn’t yet happened, but you are extra ‘homesick’ of it to come as if its moments in dregs are already hitting your heart to your mind.

Mine is always thinking about a distant home somewhere in the countryside. That is like waking up daily to visit your garden and buy flowers nearby. There’s this beautiful sunrise to meet me each day and homemade cookies at home, early lunch, and romantic dinner by the furnace. I do not have to work my life out in pursuit of money. No, not like that. That life of having an income by doing your passion. It might be selling your art, books, or the fruits you planted in your backyard. That sort of life? It has details within me, but I am sure I dream of a life where I no longer uphold what this society calls ‘success.’

I think society brainwashed us so much that we worked our day out and toil for the reason of getting something grand, and then sent us to prestigious universities to have some great title and the like. Although having a lot of money and putting a famous title on your neck is probably awesome, deep inside, we just wanted a life free from all those things that tire us out.

At the end of the day, we just want to have that life where we wake up in the morning and make our coffee while watching the sunrise with our dog by our side and a family or few friends to share this beautiful moment with— where we can genuinely laugh, eat, & rest in between those moments. I dream about that life, and I know you too, and I hope we won’t stop dreaming of such and making it into reality each day.

And that is my nostalgia in reverse.

A week has passed again. I hope you are doing just fine. Also, if you do have the time, I got some movie recommendation called, ‘Brain on Fire’. See you next Sunday.



hebrews 11:16

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