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counting our days

Last night, I watched ‘Orion and the Dark’ movie. To say the least, I was really inspired by how the movie turns out. One thing that peeled in my head was when the Day (the literal character  of the Day) told the Dark when he was about to pass him through. Basically, the Dark was sitting in a flying turtle that looks like a rock, feeling sad & just letting the Day destroy him since he was so disappointed that everyone despises him (esp. the kids).

Once the Day pass through him, the Dark is gonna be like a vapor that will be gone. The Day warned him to stay away, but the Dark couldn’t be bugged out. Now, these are the words that strikes for me, 

“Day waits for no one.”

-THE DAY (Orion and the Dark)

I know the Day meant that literally there in the movie scene, but that’s such a good metaphor for our everyday lives. True, day waits for no one. So even if you really want to have that cup of coffee being drank before 5:30 am when you are still asleep until 7:30 am, the day won’t adjust for you. Day is irrespective to our desired-expectations. Such is a good reminder to be intentional with our waking hours and spare time since time is moving forward, not going backwards.

Every single day that is coming actually is the most obvious equalizer for all of us. It gives us the same day time for us humans to do our errands, to work hard and to toil for good, to enjoy moments, and on top of all gives us the privilege to go through a day alive. 

Same is Day waits for no one, so is Night time. Night won’t stop if we tell it to because we lack sleep still. It will be gone when Day comes. 

Since day waits for no one, may this be an important reminder for us to count our days — especially in light of eternity. Let us remember also that we are only but a moment.



hebrews 11:16

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